Sunday, February 17, 2008

'Waiting' Photo by Abha (2007)

A Little Time

Wait a while my love

Why do you rush by so

See how patient is the world

Waiting for evermore

They too have trains to catch,

planes to ride,

children to greet, wives at home

Do know once you are gone

I too will return,

Retrace my steps

but this love

It just needs a little time

Give it to me in your smile

Your hand that strays to my side

Say you will stay a moment more

This moment to last me a life, the

Wheels to turn real slow.

Wait a while my love

Why do you rush by so.

~Abha, 2008, February 18th

Visual Art by Gopal M. S.

"Then Go, Then Wait"

Red and green seats
Bright beacons
In the night
Traffic lights
Asking you to stop a while
Then go
Perhaps you have nowhere
Then wait
Under this yellowed tree.
That's what nights are for,
While the city lights
Crowd your mind
With what they can offer
At a distance
At a price.
But wait a while
In this circle
You may just dance the night away.

(c) Artwork: Gopal M.S. 2007-2008
(c) Poem: Abha Iyengar 2008